Ambiguity Of Avram

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In Genesis 12;1 G-d says, “the lord said to Avram, go forth from your birthplace, and from your father’s house to a land that I will show you,”(Genesis 1). G-d is telling Avram to leave from his native land, the first place he ever breathed, and the first place he had ever dreamed. This was was a ‘colossal’ deal. Consequently, it does not end here. There are various ambiguities throughout the text that confuse many, such as Ibn Ezra, and Rashi. What they perceive to be the problem is the fact that Avram already left Or Kasdim, his birthplace, when his dad told him to, so maybe the torah is out of chronological order? Avram was asked to leave in chapter 11 from his birthplace by his father, so why is G-d asking him in chapter 12 to leave again?
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