Ambiguization Of Civilization

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In spite of all the work that have been written about civilization, this concept is vague and still extremely extremely variable depending on the definition of the referenced author. Fernand Braudel claim that, word of civilization the word, a straight line, triangle, or a like the description of the chemical elements, simple and it would be nice to be able to define in a precise manner. Unfortunately, much less allow such definitions to the vocabulary of the Social Sciences. (Fernand Braudel). However, there is mutual deffiniation of civilization. Civilization mean that entrirety of a society, material and spiritual beings, thought, art, science, technology products. A human progress is any unpredictable society dictated by urban settlement,…show more content…
Science and technology, is at least as important as the invention of writing and he has contributed to the development of civilization. After a while the invention of writing to the development of civilization has left its contribution to science and technology. Roger Hart claim that, Perhaps it was the ambiguities in concepts as broad as civilization and science that encouraged such easy answers to questions about their relationship. With the existence of suprahistorical entities called civilizations established by assumption, the central question became to determine what exactly characterized them. (Hart, 1999). We can't think apart from the concept of civilization in science and technology. The improvement of the quality of a civilization is directly proportional to the development of Science and technology. It has a direct effect on the development of civilization, science and technology. As an example, in ancient times science and technology because they do not have a cure for many diseases could be found by killing the sick person and the illness they were doing. It was causing a loss of population, which is the basis of this civilization. Thus, civilizations did not improve. All in all, science and technology is one of the signeficant fact to improved…show more content…
All civilizations need a religious system. This includes, set of beliefs, God, and place of worship. Faith in something is inherent in humanity. Faith in something gives people hope and them zooms out of desperation. Meeker claim that, arguably the most notable of these reasons is that a belief or faith in a spiritual or divine power can add meaning and significance to may people’s worldly lives. This phenomenon has proven to be especially true amongst persecuted peoples. One of the reasons why persecuted peoples have shown a great propensity for holding steadfast religious beliefs is that their faith can give them a sense of hope and reason for living despite the terrible conditions of persecution. (Meeker,2011). Thats shows us when people belief something such as God, they motivate to live even they live in terrible condiations. Here we can make an assumption about the impact of religion on civilization. The best example to show how beliefs effect civilization is the Pyramids of Egypt are a mystery that cannot be solved. Make the pyramids the ancient Egyptians believe that after death the reason that it's a belief. The ancient Egyptians constructed the pyramids with challenges and, thus, progressed in the field of architecture. The development of architecture the development of the Egyptian civilization have helped. Thus, the Egyptians beliefs that has helped in the development

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