Ambition: A Personal Statement Analysis

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Ambition may lead to negative outcomes. Sadly I learned this statement can be a possible outcome. My main dream has always been to be able to continue playing a sport throughout college. It was in 8th grade, I decided to try and get better in the shortest amount of time. Before I made the decision, I had to decide and take time to think if the amount of time spent would be worth it. The reason I thought this was get as much practice as possible to me seemed like the right way to make myself better in the short amount of time. Also, at the time I was really into watching videos of daily lifestyle for players in the NBA. From watching these videos I saw they worked multiple days and never stopped grinding.
At the time I was playing on a Damascus basketball team and a recreational soccer team with all of my friends. The reason I was on both at the same time was because I wanted to try and get better in short amounts of time to become a better athlete. Eventually after the countless weeks full of practice, and weekends filled with games, I started to feel aches and pains in certain spots in my ankle. I knew that
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I then had to force myself to rest as much as possible to try and get healthy for my first season of high school basketball. During the time of rest, I really got to learn how important friends and family can really make your life better. Both friends and family helped me strive to get better through physical therapy and getting the possible rest that I need to be able to make a full recovery from the injury. Mainly, the hardest part was me making myself not be able to play when knowing the opportunity to play with my teams was still there even though I was hurt. A main part of my life after the injury was keeping in touch with my families at all time, because they are one of the most important things in your
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