Ambition And Guilt In Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Shakespeare wrote the narrative of “Macbeth”, a story about a Thane faced with ambition and life’s choices. In this narrative, the greediness of power comes into play, and Macbeth wants power. He would do anything to become King of Scotland, in order to do this he must kill King Duncan. Will he kill an innocent man for power? The speaker is Macbeth, who is expressing his feelings and truths of this journey to becoming king. Macbeth is filled with mixed emotions and suspense. Throughout this story you become unsure of what is truth or what is fake. The suspense leaves you on your feet and the outcome is not what you expected. There is sadness through this book that makes you rethink the life we live in. We all wonder what causes grim, guilt…show more content…
He wants to please her and make her believe that he is tough. When he meets the three witches they tell him he will be King of Scotland, he knew he would have to kill Duncan in order to fulfill the throne. Macbeth is forthright with his decision at first barring the unsteadiness about going through. He becomes worried, depressed and very unsure of the outcome. “Creeps in this petty pace from day to day” (Line 2). What creeps in this petty pace day after another? In this passage I saw depression and fear; he is very unsteady at this point in the book compared to the beginning. Killing King Duncan had a huge impact on Macbeth and is way in life. His ambition to become the King shattered, he fell into a depression stage of his life. He was forced to go on with a murder to make his wife ecstatic. But was he pleased about becoming…show more content…
There is tomorrow and there is today. Today is the past, we know what happened. We are aware of the decisions made and the feelings acquired. Yet tomorrow, new outcomes are presented. Macbeth knew he didn’t know what tomorrow could lead. He could be dead or he could be alive. Life as he suggests doesnt matter anymore. The indicated creature that crept closer to him every day was death. You can hide behind a door, a dark room, it will find you. It creates fear and unsurely but its life. This life we live in isn’t filled with love, the world and people are never perfect. In “Macbeth” we see the true meaning of life and the dangers of our choices. The decisions we make that overpower our fate, for either good or bad. We all know that death is still there. “Signifying nothing” (Line

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