Ambition In Into Thin Air And Macbeth

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Influential Ambition Ambition is one of the hardest driving forces in a person’s life. It can push people past their limits to achieve something great, but can be dangerous when it causes them to bypass good judgement in order to succeed in their goal. In both Into Thin Air and Macbeth, Rob Hall and Macbeth are strongly influenced by ambition from inside and outside. This ambition, good or bad, eventually leads to both of their downfalls. While both Rob and Macbeth’s downfalls are influenced by their own and others ambition, Rob is able to save his dignity despite facing the same fate as Macbeth. Even though both Rob and Macbeth had an ambitious force built up inside of them, their motives for success were very different. Rob Hall was a caring,…show more content…
Rob died while serving others, and putting their needs before his own. As can be seen throughout Into Thin Air, the only reason Rob went back up to the summit was for Doug. When the storm hit making it difficult for the two of them to descend, Krakauer notes that “Hall, however, wouldn’t consider going down without Hansen” (Krakauer 24). At this point, Rob’s downfall may have been inevitable, but at least he was committed to staying with his client and friend. Although Doug’s ambition could have caused Rob’s death, he never even considered the possibility of leaving him on that mountain. This is why Rob was able to keep his dignity despite his…show more content…
The two characters were in similar situations and had similar characteristics about them, but the way they dealt with their respective situations when under pressure shows their true colors. Macbeth was only concerned with getting himself to the top, while Rob cared about his team and his friend’s success as much or more than his own. Either way, Into Thin Air and Macbeth both exemplify the fact that too much ambition, internally or externally, will ultimately lead to one’s

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