Ambition In Lady Macbeth

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“Macbeth” is a Shakespearean play about the ruthless ambition of a thane and how he allows his ambition of becoming king to consume him until it leads to his undoing. At the centre of this play is the important relationship between Macbeth himself and his wife Lady Macbeth. Throughout this text we are shown how one decision can impact a relationship.
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Making tough decisions can lead to multiple consequence including damaging a relationship. This is shown through Macbeth receiving a prophesy leaving him with an important decision. We then see how this impacted his relationship between him and Lady Macbeth. In act three, scene one, Macbeth received a prophesy saying he may be king “All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter”.
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As Macbeth told Lady Macbeth about the prophecy, she immediately took lead and planed how to kill Duncan to be crowned. Lady Macbeth lacks all humanity, as we see her opening scene, where she calls upon the "Spirits that tend on mortal thoughts" to deprive her of her feminine instinct to care. Lady Macbeth has a clear fervour to usurp the crown; unfortunately, this ambition warps their relationship as both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth change into completely different people. Lady Macbeth goes from being strong willed and controlling to a scared, paranoid child which becomes too much for her to handle leading her to paranoia and suicide. This shows me as a reader that one should prioritizes a relationship before personal ambition, if it is to…show more content…
We are shown this throughout the play as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plan and successfully murder King Duncan to become the next King and Queen. The decision made by Lady Macbeth to kill Duncan through manipulation and driving Macbeth to insanity resulted in a broken relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The text suggests how marriage may start on trust but someone may convince you to do things they want and to please them you’ll do it but you'll go against your morals which will end up wrecking your relationship, as successful relationship requires teamwork and compromise This shows me as a reader that there is always the good and bad side of things therefore we shouldn't be manipulated to do things we don't want to do because it can result in major
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