Ambition In Life

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“If I died right now, will I have any regrets about the choices I 've made in life?”
I chose this question because the choices you make in life, impact you every day.
One simple choice has the power to affect you for the rest of your life and can make you rethink about certain steps you 've taken in life. This question makes me want to sit down and think about life and the choices I 've made in it. Not everyone is perfect in life and mistakes can be made by anyone. This quote also renders moral perspective, when at the face of committing an unjust action I take into consideration how it may affect me later on and how rather than being a life lesson it will be a reminder of constant guilt and regret.

Ambitious can be defined as an individual who demonstrates a strong desire to succeed. In my opinion, the word ambitious suits me well because, in life, I want to succeed and I will always find a way to do it. I value ambition because it is what strives me to achieve my goals through hard work and perseverance. Just being ambitious and allowing myself to become focused on a goal has created a virtuous mindset that not only strengthens the mind but also prepares me to have the knowledge in facing any other adversity. My ambitious thinking has led me to face any sort of circumstance with a positive attitude; having the emotional strength and courage to fall down and be able to stand back up. I think that you should always try to excel in life and

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