Ambition In Macbeth And Napoleon

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Ambition is usually what can help a society and is a pressure that facilitates pressure on societies ahead. When the energy of a nation falls into the hands of a single man or woman, ambition takes much dazzling and unpleasant paperwork. It can be each, the making and destruction of that man or woman, however, no matter the “net effect”, ambition could have deep political, socio-economic, and cultural roots. There is more than one dictator that was taken by ambition and it driven them into a pricey, lengthy, battle to achieve, keep strength, and to continue maintaining power no matter what they have to do. Some examples of dictators are Napoleon Bonaparte, Idi Amin, Julius Caesar and of course Macbeth. They are all real life dictators but this Macbeth is not the same as the real one even though they both did commit similar crimes against humanity. All of the dictators that were mentioned actually share many similarities from their ambition to their downfall. For example, some of the similarities between Macbeth and Napoleon is that Macbeth was so ambitious and destined to be the king that he did anything to gain what he wanted, as well as napoleon, he waited to gain power and he was very prideful and foolish. Macbeth 's actions and ambition was what led him to his downfall. The question is How? Firstly, who is Macbeth? This Macbeth is the main character from Shakespeare 's play “Macbeth”.Shakespeare slowly and gradually deepens our knowledge of the subject matters and most
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