Ambition In Macbeth

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Political leaders naturally have ambition but leaders like Napoleon and Adolf Hitler gained too much ambition that eventually led to their downfall. In february of 1807 the battle of eylau took place between Russia and France, it eventually led to negotiations between them on the island of tilsit. I got my quote from the article DISCovering Biography, “his ambition seemed limitless but he was not omnipotent”. At this point napoleon had endless ambition and drive, he defeated European power after European power, rearranged the map and enforced french dominance. Nevertheless he was not all powerful , he still had to take control of England. Unfortunately, the move to take over England contributed to his downfall. It led to guerilla warfare in…show more content…
Some well known examples is Macbeth, a tragedy written by shakespeare, and the Great Gatsby written by Scott F. Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby begins with Nick Carraway moving from the midwest to west egg, Long Island. His cousin Daisy and her husband Tom also live nearby. Nick meets Tom 's mistress, Myrtle Wilson. Later he meets Gatsby and Jordan baker, a friend of Daisy’s, at one of his parties. Jordan tells Nick about Gatsby 's love for Daisy. Daisy and Gatsby meet when Gatsby was in the army and he was known as James Gatz. They shared the same feeling for each other but since gatsby couldn’t financially support Daisy they never saw each other again. The first quote is taken from an overview of the Great Gatsby written by Casie E. Hermanson. “As a seventeen year old he transformed himself from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby for whom everything is possible.” Gatsby was poor when he first met Daisy, but he would later become a self made millionaire. At 17 years old he had enough ambition to catapult himself to the upper class, just to impress daisy. He reinvented himself into a man rich enough for Daisy. The second quote is from the same source as the first quote.”In defiance of the class difference separating them,he aspires high to this girl in the golden tower, the king’s daughter, whose voice is full of money.” Gatsby had enough ambition to build his fortune and someday win Daisy back. He moved across
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