Effects Of Ambition In Life

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In real life people have many various problems. The problems can include many aspects of life such as social, economic,religion, culture, and even love. One of the problems is caused by ambition. There are many ambitions such as: freedom, rich, power, etc.
The term “ambition” can be defined as the strong desire to be successful, rich, powerful, etc: motivated by personal ambition (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary 2005:45). Ambition is the possession of motivation for power. Ambitious persons seek power either for themselves or for others. As a human characteristics, ambition can be separated from the existence of human himself in this world. Everybody wants to get happiness in their life. They have a lot of dream in their mind and want to make their dreams to become true. When people want to make their dreams to become true,sometimes they have big ambition in their self to achieve the goal of their purpose of life or their dreams. Ambition also can be said the planning process of life to get what the human want and do not want to fail in the life.By strong motivation and desire, someone will be able to achieve the ambitions. There are some positive and negative factors of ambition. The positive effects of ambition are to increase confidence, social and financial, needs, emotional and intellectual needs, and personal motivation. The negative effects of
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Both of two cases have different ways to killed, different place, but have same motivation by one murderer . The Study in Scarlett reveal by the protagonis character who has ambition on the muder
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