Ambition In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

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We all know the classic Shakespeare’s “Tragedy of Julius Caesar”. For decades, people have been hooked on the story’s incorporation of betrayal, power, and murder. However, one must look at the underlying factors that contribute to the plot itself. Ambition, political intrigue, and conspiracy plays a role on The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by enhancing the plot, capturing the audiences’ attention, and manifesting Shakespearean ideology. As human beings, it is in our very nature to be ambitious. Ambition is what drives our daily lives and without it there wouldn’t be any purpose guiding our every move. This desire to achieve success plays a huge role in the Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Each and every one of the major characters has the ambition…show more content…
What is the reason behind the deep interest that lies beneath politics? The answer is simple; power. In politics, all those involved competes with each other in the hopes of achieving the higher position in certain fields. In “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”, political intrigue plays a major role by making the characters’ fight for power more interesting in a way that metaphysically pulls the audiences into the struggle. Julius Caesar was already predestined to become the emperor. However, Cassius and Brutus believed that Caesar would abuse his power and transform into a tyrant that has full control of all citizens. It’s this political opposition that led the characters to enact in the manner that they did. In addition, political intrigue plays a big role by capturing the audiences’ attention and enhancing the plot. The struggle for power and the provocation within the story is what gets the audience captivated. By demonstrating the playing field of politics, Shakespeare has expressed a deep and thoughtful plot. Maria Garcia from Film Journal International writes, “The play is set in imperial Rome and is mainly about the conspirators, especially Brutus, whose relationship to Caesar lies at the core of the tragedy”. This evidence clearly hints at the political intrigue that takes place in the
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