Ambition Theme In Literature

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The theme of Ambition is a universal theme because it relates to many aspects of the world. This popular theme is evident in society, popular culture, and in literature. The term
“ambition” means to aspire to achieve a goal, which requires a great amount of perseverance and dedication. This theme is apparent in today’s society because no being can properly achieve their goal if they have no ambition or motivation to do so. We all have a desire to live a quintessential life. We have a longing to have a perfect job, family, and materialistic things, but it is not easy to accomplish. In popular culture, this theme is apparent within all new rising celebrities’ wanting their shot at fame. This theme also relates to literature for the reason that in
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They must show hard work and dedication in order to achieve the goal at hand. Having ambition can be beneficial for the reasoning that it allows one to work hard for what they desire.

In society, it is crucial to understand the power of having ambition. Ambition allows us to fully develop our skills to persevere and accomplish what we want in life. It is believed that if we have what is seen to be perfect lives, we would be deemed acceptable by society. Unfortunately this is not easy to achieve, because it takes hard work and motivation. Instead of working hard for their goals, most people attempt to find a simple way out. Doing this will not successfully allow a being to achieve their goals, if anything, it would bring them further away from what they want to achieve. If we learn to have ambition, our goals will be more achievable.

Ambition is a major theme that heavily influenced popular culture. In Hollywood, the main goal that celebrities’ are attempting to achieve is to become known and rich. As we are

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