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Becoming a doctor would be my dream job: it would challenge me intellectually and fully utilise my caring personality. I would love to have a positive impact on other people 's lives and that of their relatives. After seeing my father almost dying in the ICU five years ago where I was worried for his life, I realised at that time not only the daily challenges doctors face practicing medicine, but also saw how doctors can change people 's lives by doing their jobs with compassion and selflessness. My ambition to become a doctor stems largely from this event. Yet the months I spent with my father who suffers from cancer in hospital has had a profound effect on me. I saw first-hand that doctors must treat a broad range of illnesses in the wards with empathy. When I talked with the patients, I knew that…show more content…
In Belvedere, I was in the top ten percentile of my year when it came to academics. In 4th year, I was ebullient that I won a Jesuit medal for academic excellence for my Junior Certificate results because I dedicated a lot of time to studying. Throughout my time at Belvedere, I was always in the top ten percentile in academics. I would have never been able to attend Belvedere if had not been for my academic achievements in primary school which led me to win a scholarship to attend Belvedere because I come from a poor background. I 'm resilient and determined person and I 'm fully aware of the challenges and arduous tasks that a young doctor must face but my voluntarily work and past experiences have only strengthened my ambitions to study medicine. I will be willing to endure the negative aspects of medicine because I know that I am contributing enormously to society. I feel that a man who is driven and has a strong willpower would thrive in your college. I want to be an ambassador for all the disadvantaged students who strive to become a doctor and fulfil their dreams even though they must overcome poverty and family difficulties. I would be an asset to your

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