Ambivalent By Danielle Ofri Summary

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Danielle Ofri Ambivalent An article written by Danielle Ofri in 2005 titled “Living Will when she narrates us a story about one of her patient who had health problem and a lot of family issues. This patient was hateful to life, suicidal, and he had no reason to live because he have no one from his family to take care of him or ask about him. He tried to kill himself few times, also he asked his doctor to let him die. Suddenly, all of that have changed and the patient wanted to live. So, Ofri was ambivalent because she did not knew what to do help him to stay alive or let him die. Also, doctor Ofri had epiphany because the patient after he tried to suicide he accepted the treatment. Ambivalent is having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas
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