Ambrose's Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

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Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose was a story about a 35 year old, confederate planter, slave owner, by the name of Peyton Fahrquhar. The theme of the story is in the time of death you end a home or where you want to be even if it's all in your head. There is one reasons as to why this theme is right. Firstly, I chose this because throughout the story you read about how he want to go back to his family and how he was only moving forward because of the thought of his family. The exact words were," The thought of his wife and children urged him on." All of a sudden, 2 paragraphs later, he is at home. The last thing Peyton sees is his wife. Right when he was about to touch her, he dies. The next sentence says,"Peyton Fahrquhar was dead;

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