Ambulance Advantages And Disadvantages

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1.0 Introduction Sunway Medical Centre has using many types of transport services, one of the transport service is the ambulances. The ambulances can be patient transport services, for example, it is transporting sick or injured from periphery to the medical centre. As per dictionary the word ambulance means an organization for rendering first aid. The most vital part of medical care delivery system.Vital link of the medical care system. It is the initial golden time which if utilized and given priority helps in saving the life of a patient. An efficient ambulance service is considered to be an essential of well organized segment of emergency and critical care service. The ambulances are used for transportation of seriously ill patient to and from the hospital under doctor’s supervision. These ambulances are fitted with ventilator, defibrillators, gas pipelines and first aid equipments. The transport ambulances are used for taking patient after care to home or patients from home to hospital, in whom transit medical intervention is not required. Free for insured patients, but general patient to pay per km subsidized. However, there are some problems of using the ambulances services occurred in the Sunway Medical Centre. 2.0 Problem and Solution of using ambulances services The first problem that may be faced with…show more content…
However, patients with ambulances have many drawbacks, and there are some ways to solve the problem. The use of ambulances brings efficiency and effectiveness to the world. Sunway Medical Centre has taken some solutions to the inconvenience of using ambulances. Professional training can help employees become more professional in problem solving and can give the quality of the vehicles they use to carry or send patients. However, there are many disadvantages to doing this, but this does not mean that it is not good and will be of great

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