Ambush O Brien Ambush Analysis

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While in the chapter “Ambush,” O 'Brien show the reader how even after the war is over, he still feels ashamed and guilty over the death of the soldier . In Ambush O 'Brien 's daughter Kathleen asks him if he 'd ever killed anyone. She thinks that he must have because he keeps writing war stories. O’Brien, however, insists that he has never killed anyone. Reflecting on his lie, O’Brien pretends Kathleen is an adult and imagines that he tell her the entire story of My Khe. In the present, O’Brien admits that he has still not untangled his feelings, and imagines the man continuing on his way unharmed.“ But now and then, when I’m reading a newspaper or just sitting alone in a room, I’ll look up and see the young man step out of the morning
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