Amelia Anne Is Dead And Gone Analysis

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Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone follows the lives of two teenage girls. In the first pages of the book the reader finds out that Amelia Anne was recently murdered. Another character, Becca lives in the town in which the murder occurred. As the story continues readers find out the events leading up to the murder and the investigation that occurs after the murder. Readers cannot cease reading Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone because every chapter leaves them guessing what will happen next. Author, Kat Rosenfield utilizes pathos, personification, and point of view in order to connect readers with the characters. Pathos is used to cause the readers to feel empathy for the characters in the book. There are points throughout Becca and Amelia’s stories that force readers to become attached to the characters. When Becca’s boyfriend broke up with her she “would sink down into a bathtub full of scalding hot water, lay her swollen eyes against the cool porcelain, and shake so hard that her bones made soft clinking sounds…show more content…
The book is written in a first person point of view. Not only do readers get a glimpse inside of one character but the novel gives a glimpse of two essential characters. The book opens up with the murder of Amelia. Amelia’s story is told in flashbacks and notifies readers of all the events that took place before her death. Becca’s story is told in the present and informs readers of what happened after the murder took place. This point of view allows readers to have a knowledge of Becca and Amelia’s thoughts throughout key parts in the story. Amelia was silently “berating herself for not speaking up. Now it was clean, however much she dreaded the conversation, it still had to happen” (Rosenfield 128). This shows Amelia’s reactions and thoughts during a heated moment. These insights into the characters’ thoughts allow readers to be emotionally connected with the
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