Amelia Earhart: A Pilot By Heart

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A Pilot by Heart Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot, she was not interested in flying until after college. She was the first women to acutely fly along over any ocean. I admire her strength, determination, and the way she loved flying. Amelia Earhart is a famous person with a bad childhood that wasn 't the way someone would like to remember but it taught her some great things in life. She was born on July 24, 1897 in Aitchison Kansas. Her parents were alcoholics and could never keep jobs, so she often lived with her grandparents or other relatives. Her sister and Amelia loved to go on adventures. They always loved the adventure of moving. Her Family was reunited for a year but her dad still couldn 't keep a job so like always they moved without her parents. During school Amelia 's favorite subjects were science and chemistry. Since she could never rely on her parents Amelia relied on her self to take care of her sister and…show more content…
Amelia Earhart made history when she flew the Atlantic Ocean solo. She took off in Newfoundland in good weather, but somewhere alone the way the weather was terrible in the middle of the flight. She had to take a rest break in Ireland because of 12 hour mechanical problems. When Amelia reached London the total flight hours was 15. She also flew to Hawaii solo. In 1930-1935 she broke seven different world records by speed and distance. Amelia was determined to fly around. In conclusion I think that Amelia Earhart. Is a great role model and inspiration to young women. Her determination and effort to do what she wanted to do in life is inspiring to me. I admire her because she wanted to fly and did everything in her power to do it. She is well remembered today. Shelter died trying to go around the world but had many mechanical problems that were severe and ended up crashing. Amelia is the first female pilot to flew solo but I am very glad she was interested in flying after her college career. Amelia Earhart is my American
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