Amelia Earhart Biography

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Biography: Amelia Earhart Critical Reading Test
1) This text is a biography about Amelia Earhart and her many achievements and life thus far as a pilot. This biography is broken up into six sections. The first section outlines Amelia’s early life, where she visited her sister at school only to find World War 1 soldiers wounded thus far changing her decision to go to college. The text then explains how Amelia had first gotten in a plane, only to find that that was soon going to be her biggest life achievement. The next section then explains that she had to commit to a hard working life to afford lessons and a plane of her own. In 1927 Amelia got a phone call that finalized her decision to become a pilot as she got to be the first woman to fly
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When Amelia went to her sister’s school she saw the injured World War 1 soldiers and instantly took up nursing in a soldier’s hospital. This provides the information to enhance the fact that nursing is to care for the sick and injured. When Amelia’s parents got back together it was then that she wanted to fly. She wanted to become a pilot because she loved being in control and in the air. Overall, being a nurse is different to being a pilot because nursing is taking care of the sick and injured and piloting is being in control, in the air.
4) Yes, she supposedly would be competitive as stated in the text she participated in competitions and set world records. Amelia flew across the Atlantic Ocean in record time, 13 hours and 30 minutes. This shows that she would have been determined to be the best at whatever she did. Amelia participated in a cross country air race for women pilots. This shows that she would be up for a race or competition thus far being competitive. Overall, Amelia would have been very competitive in the fact that she was always up for a challenge and tried her best to be
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Amelia as a nurse probably could have done many things, but with her being a pilot she achieved so much more. Amelia set a record time across the Atlantic Ocean, was the first woman to ever cross the Atlantic and opened her own organization of female pilots. Amelia worked hard for her job as a pilot and as they needed many nurses back in the 1900s she wouldn’t have had to work that hard. Amelia went to visit her sister only to find that World War 1 soldiers were badly wounded, therefore making this point stronger. Overall, Amelia should have never even thought about becoming a nurse as she wouldn’t have had the opportunities she did as a
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