Amelia Earhart Personality Characteristics

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Amelia Earhart is a female pilot who was a revolution amongst her peers. She didn’t want to be the dainty woman society demanded her to be. She had passions and goals of being someone who could change the world and how people viewed it. It wasn’t always easy reaching her goals and ambitions, but she got through it and became an amazing pilot. Amelia Earhart is an outstanding woman with a lot of experiences to share with the world; from her early beginnings to her final flight, she proved who she was as a woman and an aviator to everyone who doubted her.
Amelia Earhart was born in 1897.She grew up in Atchison, Kansas. She was the daughter of a railroad attorney, and she had to stay with her grandparents during the winter. Her grandparents, Alfred and Amelia Otis, came from a wealthy upbringing. Amelia attended a private college preparatory school, and she got into a bit of mischief due to her independent behavior. She never let society expectations to be change her. Her behavior was more active a rugged while young girls were expected to behave tamed and ladylike. She realized that boys could do more than girls according to society, and she wasn’t fond of this dynamic (Amelia Earhart Museum).
Eventually, Amelia’s father had to transfer jobs and move to Iowa. She decided to
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The lack of facts has not unconvinced these researchers. In March 2011, as part of the ongoing search for Amelia Earhart 's remains, researchers examined the DNA of bones found on Nikumaroro, and determined that they could be the remains of the aircraft aviatrix. In fact, the examiners could not even state with certainty that the small bone fragments were human. Nobody else has found a plane. Nauticos made a calculation of where the Electra sank. He outlined an area of 1,800 square miles north and west of Howland. Sadly, there was no luck (Adler,

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