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She set numerous records, inspired many people, and was the first woman to attempt to fly around the world. Amelia Earhart was an American pilot and author. She did what no other woman had ever done before, attempted to fly around the world. Amelia set many different records, and demonstrated that women can do anything. Unfortunately, Amelia’s flight around the world was cut short, and she was never heard of again. Despite leaving important radio equipment behind, having a rich husband, and being accused of having a big ego, Amelia Earhart was a well known pilot who accomplished many different things, including, being the first woman to attempt to fly around the world, setting several different records, and finally, she pursued her dream at …show more content…

By setting so many records and doing what only men had done, Amelia became an inspiration to many around the world. Although Amelia was a very inspiring hero to many, she lead a very normal childhood. TheAtlantic.com states, that although Amelia was a good pilot, there were pilots that were better than her that just didn’t get the spotlight they deserved. Amelia was said to be a pilot who took up all of the spotlight, and was known to be a showboater. Amelia Earhart was born in Kansas on July 24, 1897. Her parents were Edwin and Amy Otis Earhart. Amelia lived with her wealthy grandparents and attended a private school until she was 12 years old. Then, Amelia and her sister went to live with their parents, in Des Moines, Iowa. In 1915 Edwin and Amy got a divorce, and Amy took the girls and moved to Chicago to live with friends for a while. Amelia attended an exclusive high school and junior college. Then, in 1919 she went to Columbia University, but left after only one year to go see her parents in Los Angeles California, because they had gotten back together. When Amelia was 23 years old, she took her first airplane ride. Biographies.com writes what Amelia said after she took her first flight, “As soon as we left the ground, I knew I had to fly.” So at the age of 23 Amelia Earhart knew that flying was her passion. Accomplishing all that she did at such a young age is what …show more content…

Amelia Earhart pursued her dream at a young age, and this was something that she did to become peoples hero. She set many records in her short lifetime, and as a woman to set that many records, it created her to become a very inspirational person. Amelia set many different records, but she attempted the greatest of all, flying around the world. No one had ever imagined doing something so immense. Despite the fact that she never got to finish her journey, her legacy will continue to live on. She set numerous records, inspired many people, and was the first woman to attempt to fly around the

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