Amelia Earhart's Exploration, Encounter, Exchange In History

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I wanted an out of the box project, not an explorer or a captain but, someone who really made an impact in peoples’ lives. I came up with quite a long list of options, eventually I narrowed it down to a broad topic. I wanted someone who worked for women 's’ rights and equality and I discover Amelia Earhart, and knew she was perfect. After researching I realized that Amelia was more influential that I ever thought she was. At that moment was set on researching Amelia Earhart. Since Amelia Earhart is such a popular subject I found many reliable sources. But, since Amelia’s death is still unknown there are a lot of theories about it. I also found numerous primary sources and a plethora of pictures on the Purdue archives website. I took a trip to my local library and cleared the shelves of all of the Amelia Earhart books. After reading what seems like a hundred articles the information became very repudiative. I had to start to pick out the relevant facts so I would not be overwhelmed with information. I spent long hours working on my annotated bibliography, making sure I cite all of my sources. I wanted to do a website because I thought it would…show more content…
Exploration: From the first time Amelia flew in an airplane she knew she was destined to fly. She worked long hours learning about her planes and how to maneuver them correctly. When she got accustomed to flying she visited many new lands and met new people. Encounter: While she was exploring the world she came across people that did not support her. She faced a lot of sexism and hatred for doing what she loved. Exchange: While she was encountering criticism she was also gave hope to aspiring women pilots that were unsure of their occupation. She also exchanged the idea that women could and will do “mens

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