Amelia Earhart's Role Model For Women

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Amelia Earhart had various achievements that influenced pilots all around the world. She was the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and broke a lot of other flight records. She became a symbol of the rising prominence and importance of the airplane in American life and created a big step for women 's independence. Amelia is known all around the world for her bravery and perseverance. She became a huge role model for women all across the globe, as well as inspiring pilots as well. Amelia Earhart was not only one of the bravest women in history; she was one of the bravest people in history.

Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas into a family that struggled financially. Her father’s name was Edwin Earhart, who is a lawyer and her mothers name was Amy Otis Earhart who is a stay at home mother. Her and her younger sister spent most of their childhood with their very traditional grandparents because their parents couldn’t support them and eventually wound up getting divorced in 1924 when Amelia was 27 years old. The fact that her parents couldn’t support made Amelia’s drive to succeed even bigger.
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She published a book about her flight in 1937 called The Fun of It. Amelia made three solo flights across the United States, from Hawaii to California, Los Angeles to Mexico City, and from Mexico City to Newark, New Jersey. Towards the end of 1937 is when she decided she wanted to make a long distance flight across the entire globe. A group of army pilots achieved the same flights, however they stayed in routes nearby land, compared to Amelia who planned on taking a more dangerous route that covered 29,000 miles. Her main goal was to figure out the effects of flying on people and their diet. She hired a male pilot by the name of Fred Noonan, a navigator, to conduct the trip with
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