Amelia Earheart Research Paper

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Amelia Earheart was born in Kansas, 1847. She grew up having an uneasy life because of her dad 's drinking. Amelia had a younger sister, shortly after he mother and father split up. Amelia and her sister went with their mother. Amelia then met WWI soldiers who were female in Alaska. After meeting the female soldiers, Amelia wanted to become a nurse to help the wounded during war. In 1920 she moved to California, in California she took a 10min plane ride over Los Angeles. Amelia had several jobs that take flying lessons. In 1928, Amelia became the first women to fly over the Atlantic Ocean. 4 years later Amelia her self flew the plane over the Atlantic Ocean, which took 13 hours and 30 minutes. She was also the first women to fly from Hawaii
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