Amelia Wilkerson Ethical Dilemmas

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Midterm Essay Exam Nurses experience moral distress in situations such as Amelia Wilkerson's. In cases similar to this, nurses are sometimes left feeling powerless to take action on the appropriate decision. Rathert, May, and Chung (2016) explain that ethical dilemmas and conflicts are unavoidable in healthcare today. The ethical dilemma for Amelia comes after responding to Katy Palmer's question. By Amelia informing Katy that the doctor may not have reviewed the biopsy results, it confirms to Katy that the results are back and in turn Katy assumes that they are bad because Amelia will not discuss them. Ethically, Katy has the right to know the results, but Amelia is unable to provide the appropriate answer without the doctor and only…show more content…
Amelia would benefit from using the model to make her decision on how to appropriately answer Katy. The actions that Amelia should take would be to clarify with the patient that preliminary results are in the system but must be reviewed by the doctor, then assure Katy the answer is honest and that the doctor prefers to discuss the findings directly. Amelia should advocate for Katy by calling the doctor after noting the preliminary results were back, inform the doctor of the discussion with Katy, make the doctor aware of the Katy's anxiety level, and then ask the doctor for a time frame of arrival to update the patient on. If the doctor is not available within a short time frame, then possibly arrange for a phone conversation with the patient until a later arrival. The ethical basis for these actions, will keep mutual respect between patient and nurse. Amelia has an obligation to Katy and the ethical principles of fidelity, beneficence, and veracity. By taking positive action to help Katy obtain her results, and remaining truthful and faithful to Katy, Amelia will maintain a good rapport. After the doctor rounds, Amelia's next responsibility will be to provide psychological and physical support for Katy once the news in
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