Amend The Constitution Essay

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Describe the methods available to amend the Constitution

In our world, things are constantly changing to be more efficient. Our government is also changing the rules we should follow to make them more effective and efficient. The United States Constitution has myriad methods to amend itself for the better. The Constitution can be amended by a vote of two thirds of both Houses of Congress or the legislatures of two thirds of the states can call a convention for proposing amendments. In order to complete both of these methods the states had to ratify the amendments.
First and foremost, one of the methods available for amending the constitution is to have a vote by two thirds of both Houses of Congress. This is when two thirds of both houses of congress call for an amendment, and need the states to ratify it. All current amendments undergo this process. This signifies the importance between the Federal government and the
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To ratify the amendment, each state could its legislature vote on the amendment or hold a different ratification convention with representatives that are chosen by the voters. Based on the amendment, the ratification process may be passed by the state legislature or state convention. All amendments are sent to the legislatures of the states. In order to pass the legislature, the vote must reach a majority.
To conclude, the United States Constitution has many flaws, that can be amended through two different methods. The Constitution can be amended by receiving a vote of two thirds of both houses of Congress. The second method would be to have a request from two thirds of state legislatures to call for a Constitutional Convention. In order for amendments to pass, they must be approved by three fourths of the states’ legislatures. The amendments can be passed through the legislature or convention of the
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