Amending The Constitution Dbq Essay

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The Founding Fathers offered a proposal for a new Constitution. Amending the Constitution grew in discussion to meet or agree on impending changes. The ratification of the Constitution was needed in order to administer the use of limited powers properly,involving wise decisions for both the government and the people. The new constitution was to serve as the basis to the government. “That we have it in our power one of the most respectable Nations upon Earth,admits, in my humble opinion, of no doubt; if we would but pursue a wise,just, and liberal policy towards one another...”(1: Source B). The Constitution was in the need for a balance of power and a proper executive to be used, in order to have a proper administration which can function …show more content…

It is clear that the Founding Fathers had created three branches of government for the Constitution,to ensure that no branch of government would take more power over another branch. “ To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States...” (2: Source A).Although there is the legislative branch that makes laws and sets restrictions laid out that will benefit the government sufficiently, there are still arguments and conflicts based on the imbalance of power, and how the abuses of the government should be controlled because it corrupts entirely. Some people claim that the Constitution was completely unjust because there were problems within the government under the Articles of Confederation. “A reluctance to taxes, an impatience of government, a rage for property and little regard to the means of acquiring it...” (1: Source C). Problems were arising from the payment of debts from the Revolutionary War, handling these issues involved a weak presidency. Even though the government was dealing with people’s disagreement on how they rule, make laws, and fail on adjusting tax policies. Yet, the separation of powers reasonably acted by creating a system of checks and balances dividing the federal authority between the three branches of government. Prior to these good and bad life-changing outcomes, the Constitution proved to establish both a just and unjust

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