13th Amendment Advantages

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The seventh amendment gives the right that no trial can ever be brought back up or reexamined by a court again, once proven innocent the accused is always innocent. This protects the accused from the possibility of new evidence or supposed witnesses from emerging after the trial is completed. This amendment does not apply to state and local government. This amendment prompts those involved in a trial to be thorough and intentional when dealing with a case, for once it is closed it cannot be opened.

The next amendment to be overviewed is amendment 8. Amendment 8 covers several different things that pertain to an incarcerated American. As previous amendments paved the way, the 8th amendment continues to give rights to the American citizen
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This amendment deals with the votes of the electoral college dealing with electing the vice president and president. This amendment gives a limit of time that the electoral college has to vote and procedures to follow if more time is used. The electoral college, according to the twelfth amendment, has to be specific with who they vote for president and who they vote for vice president. In the past, the reason the 12th amendment is a correction, the electoral college chose a vice president due to less votes than president votes. The thirteenth amendment is known as a civil war amendment. The thirteenth amendment is one of three civil war amendments. The thirteenth rids the legalization of slavery or forced labor. This amendment is a result of one of the driving forces of the civil war and it is a victory for the United States. The fourteenth amendment covers several different subjects. The first subject to be covered in the fourteenth amendment is regulations of citizenship and state protection of their citizens. The second subject covered in the fourteenth is the right to vote of any male citizen twenty-one and older. The third subject covered is the law that anyone who is convicted of crimes against the constitution no longer has the right to vote for president. The last subject to be covered in the fourteenth amendment is the debts of the civil

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