Amercia Racial Discrimination

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Racial discrimination not only happened in dogs group, but also happened in the long America human history. As we all know, America is an immigrant country which is an aggregation what all kinds of people from everywhere in the world become one big unity, so there should not have any unequally phenomenon appears in this country. Unfortunately, we keep seeing all kinds of racial discrimination in this country for 400 years, and it isn’t vanish until today. We still can see people who have different skin color be called as “outsiders.” The main performance of racial discrimination in Amercia is the government did not take practical action to improve the environment for the blacks and other minorites. In the letter “A Call for Unity”, the eight…show more content…
In political and economy subject to different degrees of discrimination. Blacks make up 13 percent of the total population of the United States, but blacks account for only 5 percent of elected public offices at all levels. Even national police in the color of a considerable proportion of people, but in fact the black police only a little, and senior police officers in black even less. The largest 500 companies in The United States do not have blacks as chief executives. Of course, there are some blacks fights for the unjust treatment, but others submitted to the unjust treatment. “In part of few middle-class Negroes who, because of a degree of academic and economic security and because in some ways they profit by segregation, have become insensitive to the problems of the masses” (King 7). This is very dreadful phenomenon because some of blacks bribed by the government, and it reduce the strength of against evil. We should remembered bitter experience; we should say “on more” for the unjust treatment; we should change the way people thought. Only if all the blacks and other minorities unity together, this world will become better. In all, even those days are not gone, some people still suffer in all kinds of encounters, but this world is getting better by those who fight for the unequal treatment. They anti-discriminate; say no to racism; protest against racial discrimination because they know only against the darkness, the light will finial come. It is a pity for those black children have been killed, it is a pity for those people who can’t get a good job, but the history will remember those people. Just because of the blood they outflowed, aroused people’s conscience rebelled
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