America Afire Chapter Summary

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America Afire has a total of fourteen chapters. Takes place in Washington D.C in a presidential election in the 1800s this election conserved the revolution of the American Republic with the constitution still being new during the election. Weisberger also delivers many interesting and revealing previews of life in the Republic of Constitutional Convention through the excruciating choices made, lengthens from third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson. The chapter of America Afire begins in the Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia. Here Weisberger examines the cause of growth in the first party system in the United States; James Madison had explained the Republican Party and the Federalist Party differences about winning…show more content…
Chapters nine and ten explain the huge national debt, debating about ways to fix the problem they wanted the government to undertake the entire debt of the federal government and the states, congress got together to find a solution, the plan was to retire the old and borrowing money at a lesser interest rate, referred ass the Hamilton tax plan. In chapter eleven following twelve Jefferson describes how uttered he is with how excellent the economy has developed hastily in the small period of 1791-1792. This chapter also presents polished Photos of Philadelphia in 1800 using them as examples of the development in the constitution since the first term, at the same time describing the negative effects deadly yellow fever hade in the society and the economy income in the city of Brotherly. Federalist James Madison influenced the development of bonds of the party in the early Republic being describe as the father of the constitution bringing the upcoming of the bill of rights, described him of owning hundreds of slaves during his period. Chapter thirteen principles skillfully described the shapes of rivalry between American parties during the time it was held in systems that led to the representation of the United States back to solid trade and business with Great
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