America Aflame: The Cause Of The Civil War

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Jimmy le There have been numerous debates over the cause of the civil war. James Ford Rhodes concluded the American Civil War can be correlated to a “single cause, slavery.” The majority will contend about states’ rights, economic factors, political differences, however, the basic cause in every one of these issues is the question of slavery. The issue was essentially shelved through the balance of political power between the northern and southern states in the post-revolutionary United States. The only cause of the American Civil war was basically slavery. In the book “America Aflame: How the Civil War Created a Nation” on page 208 “Both southerners and northerners recognized slavery as the immediate cause of the war.” Meaning both sides acknowledged that slavery caused the war, but was slavery the single cause of the civil war? Yes, it was. State rights to protect themselves from the tyranny of a big federal government? but if that were really the case, then it would have started in the nullification crisis in the 1830s when Andrew Jackson said that the South Carolinians couldn 't declare a federal tariff null in their state, why didn 't that cause a civil war? Industrializing helped the northern states create a great extent of riches, they…show more content…
The activities of slave bounty hunters in the north brought slavery in the books and papers of the northern population including the book Uncle Tom 's Cabin. However, slavery, generally, did not motivate the northern population to join the Army. The motivation to join the army for the most part was not slavery, but the actions of the south. But for the men in the south, slavery was the motivation to join the cause. Slavery did rouse men in the south to join the reason. The maintenance of slavery was a motivating factor in the majority of recruitment posters and newspaper articles in the
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