Langston Hughes Let America Be America Again: Poem Analysis

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The character of my collection of Langston Hughes poems is the ubiquitous exploration of dreams and their importance.Hughes’ covet for equality evident in ‘Let America Be America Again’ and his attempt to enlighten further emphasises his idyllic dream for America. Disillusionment is the discovery that something is not as good as it was believed to be, In ‘Let America Be America Again’ we get a feeling of this in the title.”again” implies Hughes wants America to return to something it once was, therefore insinuating America is not what it once was.”Let it be the dream the dreamers dreamed” is an obvious allusion to the American Dream which inspired optimistic African-Americans to migrate from south to northern states in the 20th Century. However Hughes states “America was never America to me” he goes from speaking in general to being definitively specific (‘me’) elucidating the impression that the dream was glamorized like many African-Americans deemed it to be as they were not progressing and were repressed.This could also suggest America was never good for him or his to believe in. So Hughes may not necessarily want a return to the good times he witnessed, but a return to the times where he believed in the possibility of the success of the negro.Similarly, in his poem ‘a dream…show more content…
Demonstrating clearly he feels disadvantaged and held back by the ‘ancient endless chain’ which tangles even ‘the young man, full of strength and hope’. Although Hughes seems to want equality, ‘ancient’ and ‘endless’ holds a hugely pessimistic tone. This negative tone amplifies America’s indefatigable preference of the voice of the
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