America And I Yezierska Analysis

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America is know as a melting pot, indicative of the diverse communities which inhabit our nation. People from all over the world immigrated to America for many reasons and they all wanted to live in the land of opportunity. America was pictured by everyone as utopia with no flaws. As our population expanded and conflicts grow tense, America conformed to the demands of the people. New laws would not have been created nor would the concerns of the people have been addressed if not for the courageous. To be an American one must be courageous. Courage allows people to fight for the basic rights of a human. Fighting is taking a stance against a higher authority whether it is accepted or unaccepted by society. Yezierska writes about how she fought to earn wages in her narrative “America and I”. “Oi-i weh! The money - my money - my wages!”(33). The family whom she worked for replied with a brusque response, “Wages? Money? Haven’t you a comfortable bed to sleep, and three good meals a day?”(35). Yezierska believed that she deserved to be paid money in return for working as a house maid for a family. She fought for the simple right that she deserved, earning money for the work she had done. Distinctively the family opposed and believed that she had no right in asking…show more content…
Hardworking is not only represented by those who have jobs that pay, but by those who who put in an effort to create a result. Whitman in his poem is speaking of the literal term work. In “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman it is stated, “The carpenter singing his as he measures his plank or beam, The mason singing his as he makes read for work, or leaves off work.”(5). Each person he visits singing is a worker, from a shoemaker to a mason, they are all hard at work. Every American is pictured to have a job and if not a real job that pays, a job to take care of a family. Working is no simple task and takes hard work and courage to complete something and end with a
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