America Be Great Again Analysis

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Are America 's golden opportunities worth the risk immigrants face? Some Immigrants were given the chance to achieve the golden door and others weren’t as lucky . They 've had dreams on how they will achieve a better chance of living. In¨Let America Be great Again,¨ written by Langston Hughes he states, ¨The millions who have nothing for our pay, except the dream that 's almost dead today¨. Many immigrants that gave everything away just for a better life got nothing in return. The golden door is open to those who are willing to work hard and embrace the opportunity. There are many types of immigrants, those who are smart, kind, and ambitious Langston Hughes explains in, ¨Let America be America Again¨, ¨Opportunity is real and life is free, equality is in the air we breath.¨ Everyone should have a second chance to achieve a better life. Being an immigrant doesn 't mean you will have…show more content…
Immigrants are running away from their unsafe and threatening life and dreaming of finding a better place, but sometimes American rejects those who need it the most. In the story ¨Two ways to belong in America¨, by Bharati Mukherjee she explains how Mira and her sister lives in America and are one step closer to achieving their dream. After loving their American Life, America changes the midstream and the rules about immigrants.With Mira saying, ¨Have we the right to demand¨...expect that we will be equal¨ Mira and her sister were upset on how America started to think of them from a different perspective. Knowing that something you truly believed in having and be crushed in a heartbeat is heartbreaking. Mira 's sister and [her] tried to get over how this could 've possibly happened. By saying, ¨I will never forget the pain of that sudden turning, and the casual racist .¨ Meaning that it was like a sudden to turn to a different direction that wasn 't supposed to occur. This also occurred because they weren 't citizens. Mira and her sister experienced a life lesson that many
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