America Before Today Essay

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America has shaped the World before today. Americans was the first country to reject monarchy and declare themselves democracy after defeating one of the most powerful country during that time (Britain). In the 20th century Britain world power failed to America and Britain monarchy became the least favorite of the world. America democracy also go back to the Founding Fathers. They help implement laws that govern the USA that other countries try to mimic. America is the overall leading country because America is the most powerful, militarily and economically. The United States accomplishment didn’t start off to reach this level of dominance. They were just trying to defend themselves and their friends against the Soviet Union (beauchamp, 2014).…show more content…
America has the power to make the human race become what it is capable of becoming. America believe in making the World produce for the better instead of tyranny. For example if China was to become the leading country the country probably would shift to autocracy. The Chinese don 't really value an open economy. The Chinese economy soon may become the largest in the world, but it will be far from the richest (Kagan, 2012, p.21). Its size is a product of the country 's enormous population, but in per capita terms, China remains relatively poor (Kagan, 2012, p.21). China believe in keeping the rich, rich and the poor, poor. American economic governance has been accepted by majority of the world because America has always made money for companions. China’s system focus on the government wealth so they can compete with other great powers by putting the capital in armies and navies. Americans certainly like to believe that their desired order survives because it is right and just—not only for Americans but for everyone (Kagan, 2012). America believe that the accomplishment of democracy is a better idea and the triumph of market capitalism is the victory of a better system, and that both are permanent. If and when AMERICA 3 American supremacy falloffs, then the countries America has supported will fall off. Or they might collapse altogether and transition to another kind of
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