Essay On What America Means To Me

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What America Means To Me America has different meanings to each citizen in different states, even foreigners from different countries have different ideas of America. Some think it’s patriotic and brave, it’s a new opportunity for them to improve their lifestyle. While others have lower expectations of America, it might not meet their standards of living or their head executive of their country has told them negative things about America. Whether you like it or not, it’s a home to over 300 million citizens and most of them are proud to be an American. Besides all of this, I will be expressing my ideas on what America means to me, I have chosen three powerful words that I think that best represent our Home and the these three words will have…show more content…
The word is Independence, the idea of being independent, free. Back in the middle of the 1770’s, the first war in America broke out, the 13 colonies were faced against Great Britain, Congress appointed General George Washington to lead the Continental Army and do his best to win the battles, the Revolutionary War was fought for one thing only, Independence. America won the war and gained their Independence, later came in use was the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, both documents had some idea of independence in it. The reason why independence in America is so important is because it symbolizes each citizen as their own person with no dictator barking orders and no chains are locked on their arms, each individual has the shackles unlocked and are free to live the American dream, but there are rules stating what is wrong and what is right, you have the choice to choose what path to take, the path of righteousness or of wickedness. Use your independence responsibly, don’t misuse it, our Founding Fathers started from the ground to make America independent, America gives hope to ALL people who want to be independent and the government will ensure those rights of the people and will benefit the people and will also recognize the people as independent citizens of
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