America Is Too Completive Essay

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Many people believe that America is too completive; which it may not be a negative trait to have. It displays the fact that we are an involved and positive nation. It also shows that we are striving to improve and raise our stability. To begin, it shows that we are involved. What does this mean exactly? In this instance, Americans show their pride constantly. This isn’t to be condescending towards other countries; instead it is to show off the work we put in to acquire the freedom we now have. Also we always have some type of involvement when it comes to natural disasters around the world, or helping feed children suffering from starvation. Back around 2010, an earthquake struck Haiti devastating events followed. The U.S. sent our military to offer any type of help. Therefor showing our generosity to other countries not just our own. Along with being involved, we are also a positive…show more content…
Everyone can improve themselves, even us as Americans. We might compare our products to ones made in China or Germany. Cars, or weapons, or technology are constantly being changed. This is because we align ourselves with foreign ones, looking for ways to learn or build on what we already have. This allows us to grow. Not just in materialistic things, but culture as well. For example, many people in America study abroad. This gives them a diverse learning and a time to develop new ideals to bring back. Then when they are put to the task in the U.S. their background is broader. This isn’t negative competition. Instead this is America accumulating knowledge to better our selves. To conclude, the benefits ring clear. It is not a negative thing that America is competitive because we are involved, positive, and eager to improve. This country we live in is strong and determined, for all the right reason as you can now see. “America is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor.” – Paul
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