America Needs Mandatory Uniforms In Public Schools

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Most private and independent schools have requirements that make students wear uniforms. Public schools, however, do not have mandatory uniform requirements. Uniforms have both advantages and disadvantages involving students and their parents. Public schools should have uniforms for their students as it is reasonable to have. Wearing a uniform creates an identity for the school. It brings unity and equality on a physical level, which enhances a school community and pride. On the topic of identity, it would be safer to have a uniform as it makes it easier to recognize students. Discrimination on clothing would not happen because everyone would be wearing the same thing. Instead of thinking about what items people are wearing,…show more content…
Uniforms restrict them from showcasing their personalities to their peers. Instead of being unique, uniforms would make students stick to being normal. In reality, there hardly ever is individuality in clothing. People like to follow the trends and unknowingly make a uniform for them to follow. Also, relying on clothes to showcase themselves is a bad way for it to be shown. Personality should come out in what we do and say and clothes should not be the one portraying it. For cost, uniforms are expensive as items on their own. Damaging an item in a uniform is an inconvenience as it is costly to replace one item. Although, knowing this would create responsibility over their uniform. This would help them not take for granted want is given to them. For low income families, purchasing expensive clothing that can only be used for school can be a hassle and a waste. The option of finding secondhand uniforms is also available. Some people give away their uniform for a cheaper price or for free as they do not need it anymore. If money is a problem, some schools can give financial aids that would help with getting a uniform. Having a uniform has advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages are more favourable. Not everything is perfect as there are disadvantages that make uniforms undesirable, but the advantages are reasonable. Public schools should be required to wear uniforms as it unifies the student body, makes it easier for the student, and is financially logical in the long
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