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6 years ago, I walked into a small restaurant with my best friend, Jillian, and her parents. Once we were seated, I looked around and saw a man dressed in a green camo uniform, constrained in a wheelchair. Upon further inspection, I realized this man was also missing his left arm. My friend’s dad, Chris, left the table, approaching the man. When he reached the table, he reached out towards the man, shaking his hand. The restaurant was pretty empty, so I could make out the words that Chris spoke. “Thank you for your service,” he said. “No, thank you,” the veteran replied, tears brimming in his eyes. Chris returned to the table, looking sort of sad. That night, Chris paid the man’s bill. Later when I asked why he did that, he replied,“That man dedicated his life to the stars and stripes,” in admiration. Later that night, I found out that Chris had also fought for our country. Chris became pretty good friends with the man in the green uniform, who, we later learned, was named Dave.…show more content…
Dave showed us that these responsibilities could be very simple. One that he loved to stress was voting. But I already knew what the simplest responsibility to America was. I’d known it from the second I laid eyes on Dave. Without even trying, he showed me that being proud of my country was my responsibility. Seeing how he had ‘dedicated his life to the stars and stripes’ had opened my eyes. I was able to see what an amazing country I had the opportunity to live in. I began to feel pride for my

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