America Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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America: Is It What It Use To Be? Abraham lincoln states “ My dream is of an place and time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope on earth.” This implies that America is no longer the hope of the world and has somehow backslide. This is know because Lincoln use the phrase once again with once meaning at one time and again meaning to regain. From this we can infer that American had to lose something in order for it to be regained. Furthermore it shows that at this point American can 't be the hope of the world. This is brought up by Lincoln 's use of time being the era or period it in , and place meaning what the state the countries in and how it advancing. But given all this the country lossing something it once had and don 't being at the point to fix it Lincon still remained hopeful. This can be inferred because Linclon use the words my dream. With I meaning his and dream meaning vision or outlook that with even all this Lincoln still felt like America had a bright future. If you look at the historical context behind the quote you see america was not ready to be the earth 's last hope. Simply because Abraham Lincoln was severed as the 16th president from 1881 until his…show more content…
Lincoln 's main rhetorical appeal was the use of emotional language in using word such as dearm , best , last , and hope. Using these words to show how american needs to get back to it roots of why it was formed. To be a safe haven for people who are being persecuted not to persecute people because their look or act different from us. This also appeals you your ethos because irtt saying America’s not where it should be how can you help get it their. I agree at with this quote that at that point in time , but that were better now. That we won 't ever be a perfect society but were improved at on the front of equality and are one of the most accepting countries. Is the more we can do yes , but we as America should strive every day to make America the last hope for the
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