America Should Have Gone To War With England

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(INTRODUCING) The American Revolution, a thing people have debated about long past. It shed blood, stirred up disappointment & happiness. America had the right and should have gone to war with England. First, England passed a bunch of mean acts. Second, America wanted freedom and liberty as their own country. Third, Colossians 3:21. (THESIS) America had the right and good reasons to go to war with England for their independence and liberty. (FIRST SUPPORTED IDEA) So England had just been mixed up in the french and Indian war and was left in not a very pretty spot of… in debt. They needed a lot of money. So they turned to the colonies putting a bunch of taxes on their goods that they shipped over to America. America wasn’t happy about…show more content…
So they moved to America partly to get away from England’s laws. It 's just England’s laws came with them. Imagine, There is a person you really don’t like in your class, so you move to another school. The person hears you are going to another school and decide to go join his “friend” (you). You wouldn’t be too happy, would you? So America didn’t really like that, giving another reason to go to war with England. It is not nice having another country giving you laws. America wanted to be independent. (THIRD SUPPORTED IDEA) Colossians 3:21: "Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged." (NKJV) England was called the father (mother) nation. So if England was their father, America would be the child. When England was charging taxes… they were provoking America. That is against the bible’s commandment. Colossian said not to provoke you children. PROVOKING IS A SIN!!!!!. England was sinning. America had the right and good reasons to go to war with England for their independence and liberty. So England was being really mean using America to pay off THEIR debt by passing a bunch of different acts. England taxed America but America couldn’t represent for England. An England was provoking America. America was completely in the right to go to war with England. They had good causes and England was being a bad example as the Mother
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