America Singer Character Analysis

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Fighting for the heart of someone she does not know is terrifying to America Singer and this is the exact reason why she has no desire to compete in the Selection. America is fighting against her mother’s wishes, which she does not agree with, the other Selected, and most importantly, herself.
When the book begins to finish, America begins to realize that she needs to choose between Aspen or Prince Maxon; she has been fighting with her feelings of these two men when she concludes that she cannot choose between them. She is beginning to find that the sole purpose for her continuing to compete in the Selection is because she is fighting for herself. This pattern follows within other characters. America’s brother, Gerad, is only 12 but he is feeling the pressure from his family to find a talent to be able to provide from and add his part to society. He knows what he wants to do at the moment; he has short term pleasures but does not know that they are temporary. He is fighting for what he feels is justified.
Being the hard-headed teenager that America is, she often finds conflict between her opinions and the opinions of the selected girls that she meets. Her standards differ greatly from those of Celeste, especially when it comes to the appearance of beauty. Also, many times she butts heads with her mother on the topic of priorities. America feels that
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She is walking out of her room into a home with a pestering mother who is pressuring her to enter the Selection, which she sees as a waste of time and energy considering everything she finds joy in is right where she is right now, and an overload of stress from the responsibility of finding job opportunities to help her family barely make it in their society. Just like a pit of snakes, you have to keep your eyes open for threats or opportunities in order to avoid getting
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