Americah Character Analysis

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In the novel Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Ifemelu’s characteristics traits are revealed. The story reveals Ifemelu’s physical appearance and personality in many chapters of the story. Some of the behavior characteristic traits that are revealed about Ifemelu in the story are opinionated, judgmental, independent and ambitious. There are more than one physical traits revealed about Ifemelu in the story. Ifemelu is a dark brown skin, Igbo, Nigerian woman. In chapter one, Ifemelu was having a conversation with one of the women that works at a salon. One of the things that were revealed in Ifemelu’s conversation with the woman was her skin complexion and the tribe in Nigeria that she is from. “No. I am Igbo.” “You Igbo?” For the first time, a smile appeared on Aisha’s face, a smile that showed as much of her small teeth as her dark gums. “I think you Yoruba because you dark and Igbo fair (Chapter one, page 14-15). She is a fat woman. “She was fat. She was not curvy or big-boned; she was fat, it was the only word that felt true,” (Chapter one, page 6). Ifemelu is an opinated woman because she tends to have her own views about people and the different cities in the United States. She feels that the American cities had…show more content…
In the story Obinze describe the difference between Ifemelu and Ginika. Obinze’s view on Ginika is that she tends to agree with everything he says. Obinze’s view on Ifemelu is that she does not depend on anyone thoughts or actions to make a decision. “You looked like the kind of person who will do something because you want to, and not because everyone else is doing it,” (Chapter four, page 61). Ifemelu lives in her own home in her present day live and does not depend on anyone for anything. Ifemelu is an ambitious woman because she worked hard to receive her own home and job by attending college in Nigeria and the United
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