American Airlines Flight Plan 2020 Case Study

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In terms of goal setting in the organization corporate culture is the heart of every organization. Every company has a culture either by design or default, and a culture can be selectively grown. American Airlines culture is grown by their employee’s attitudes, values and behavior which all seek to lead a healthy lifestyle while keeping the environment safe. (Our People, 2012) All of this is influence by the way American Airlines select the correct people to put together and shape it around their company principles. American Airlines has values that outline what they want to do in terms of a mission and set vision. Their strong culture is built on principles and values of outstanding customer services in the airline transportation services…show more content…
The Flight Plan 2020 is there proclaimed blueprint for long-term success. American Airlines like to know the answer to the question why do we exist? And the simple answer will be to provide the best services to the airline transportation industry market (American Airlines Flight Plan 2020, 2012). The company always stays true to their core competencies. Which are to “Invest wisely, Earn Customer Loyalty, Strengthen and defend our Global Network, Be a good place for good people and to fly profitably.” (American Airlines Flight Plan 2020, 2012) They know they have to invest wisely because they need to have the adequate tools to get the job done and its visa versa they need special trained people in order to make the use of the equipment they have more efficient. American Airlines customer services is second to none that’s why they are the biggest Airlines in the United States, they please the customers in order to keep getting their business in the future. American Airline Don’t makes decision that pulls them away from their mission. They don’t get involved in actives that are not in the mission plan because it could decrease the value of the organization. This only hurts the future of the American Airlines
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