Personal Narrative: My Story With American Airlines

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I would like to bring to you my story with American Airlines, hopefully to get some justice for what have been done to me by American Airlines. My story with American Airlines. It seems that we are living in a great hypocrisy. Some of us advocate for something, but in reality they practice something totally different. I am going to share and expose American Airlines one of the largest airlines in the world and show the world that dishonesty and thievery do exist even among multi billion dollar companies or maybe better to say especially among billion dollar companies. This is a real life story to expose big American Airlines corporation theft and use of a revenue generating idea that was invented by me, an employee of the airline, years…show more content…
I sent a revenue generating idea and proposal to then the president of American Airlines, Don Carty, this proposal contains the idea of creating (a reservation holds for a fee) system offered to customers that need time beyond the free 24 hours offered by AA for the customers to complete and purchase their tickets and not lose the price they have secured for their reservations but my revenue generating idea was not a winner and rejected in a letter I received from the President of AA office. The exact reservation holds fee system I introduced to American Airlines in 1995 is being used by American Airlines in their current reservations systems generating millions of dollars for American Airlines since 2015 without my approval or consent. The executives who approved and start using my idea, intentionally did not use my idea when it was first submitted to AA, maybe to run down a statue of limitations of some sort or just simply a practice by AA to gather innovations and ideas from unsuspecting employees of the airline and then rejecting them at the time and after a while go back and dig those ideas out and start using those ideas and innovations and…show more content…
Patrick O’Keeffe Managing Director of Marketing and planing for American Airlines rejecting my proposal and revenue generating idea. Mr. O’Keeffe responds to my proposal prove my right to this revenue generating idea not only that, but it also shows how AA illegally and deliberately used a documented revenue generating proposal and violating the law by turning a blind eye to their own archive that contains this submitted proposal and to the rightful owner of this revenue generating idea. American Airlines should have restrained from using and committing this infringement and theft of this revenue generating idea until they get the appropriate permission from the rightful owner before rushing and generating millions of dollars from a revenue generating idea that they have no right to use or entitlement to use. Please reference the attached letter from Mr. O’Keeffe on behalf of Mr. Carty and the current American Airlines hold fees policy to compare between my revenue generating proposal stated in AA letter and AA hold fee policy being used today. It is as if you lost your engraved with both of your names, wedding diamond ring and somebody found it and turned it in to the police and twenty years passed and no one claims it, does that give the captain of the police the right to give that ring to his wife or daughter?
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