American And Indian And British Relations Essay

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Relations between the British and colonial Americans during the French and Indian War were hostile to say the least, and in this essay I will be arguing how economic, ideological, and political struggles defined the hostility between the two nations. It’s widely known that the Intolerable Acts, and a number of other factors led to hostile relations between the British and Americans, however there were definitely other factors including discrimination, taxation, and of course, wars. In this case, the French and Indian war will be solely discussed. In a 1763 British Council Order, an economic trial was discussed. In the document, it is cited that the regulation of American trade with the British was “of immediate necessity”. This made it clear that Britain’s prime source of income at the moment was indeed trade with her colonies. With later boycotts of British goods by the proud Americans, this proved to become a rather trying encounter for the British. More so, British militant involvement in the colonies proved to be costly, so Britain was simply paying itself back by selling things to its…show more content…
In a letter from George Washington to Robert Orme, Washington “expressed an Inclination to serve the ensuing Campaigne as a Volunteer” referring to the topic, the French and Indian war, to be on America’s side of the conflict. This proved to be a wise choice considering Washington himself would become a main force in the later Revolutionary War and eventually become the first President of the United States, proving that Washington had indeed a certain hostility towards the opposing British. Another document, a map of America pre-war and post-war denotes just how hostile France’s relations with Britain’s are, as it is shown that France’s percentage of land was taken away immensely after the war unfolded. France also showed a growing bond with America through a mutual hate of the world’s bully,
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