American Apparel Target Market Analysis

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3. Chapter 2 – Methodology 3.1 Introduction This chapter challenges all levels of knowledge, according to the ‘Bloom’s taxonomy’ method. Within this chapter the aim is to focus on a specific US clothing line called American Apparel, founded in 1989 by a Canadian named Dov Charney. Today, this company is based in all corners of the world, however its main quarters are in Los Angeles, California. The way in which this is evaluated is under sub-headings that will break down the analysis: American Apparel- public perception, target audience, tracing campaigns, and American Apparel versus their competition. American Apparel- public perception; will set an introduction to this company and it will highlight what its purpose is in the industry. Target audience; comments on their target market today, and the reason behind it. Tracing campaigns; demonstrates the company’s intention behind their visual advertisements through the twenty-five years that they have been in the making. Lastly, American Apparel versus their competition; define the company’s strategies and strengths on how they are staying on top of their competition in the field of clothing line advertising today. It also examines whether the gender exploitation/ inequality …show more content…

The advertisements are simply sexual just to be sexual. Many of the advertisements seem to just attract people to look at the models, not really to look at the clothes. According to the case study, American Apparel shoppers felt out of place when shopping in the store. The customer mentioned that the company “reeked of sexual sin”. The consumer said most of the items were “cute” but that some of the items were a bit too suggestive. The controversy and complaints have continued to grow for American Apparel. The company has continued to promote sexual advertisements and the graphics seem to get more racial as demonstrated in (Figure 17,

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