American Axelrod Nothing To Fear Analysis

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In “Nothing to Fear” by Alan Axelrod he explains claims targeting the way President Roosevelt addresses the people in his first Inaugural Address. Axelrod shows Roosevelt explaining to the people of the United States that he has not and will not blink in the face of reality, and does not want the American people to. Alan Axelrod elaborates on numerous claims involving President Roosevelt’s Inaugural Address, which are proven true with pieces of quotations of the address. Continuing on from Roosevelt not blinking in the face of reality and dealing with the problems without worrying of what might come afterwards. Axelrod explains that Roosevelt was not afraid of the problems the United States were facing at the current time, and he was not going to back down against it. Roosevelt was a strong and courageous leader, which was a perfect fit for president. Franklin Delano Roosevelt seen the problems they faced just as material things. He believed that they were able to overcome the issue. Roosevelt said in his speech “Compared with the perils which our forefathers conquered because they believed and were not afraid, we have still much to be thankful for,” (page 295 online, paragraph 8) this proves that he had hope for the American people and would do anything to defeat the…show more content…
He knew that the problem they faced was no task they couldn’t handle. Roosevelt claimed that fear was just a fog that block the way to seeing reality clearly. Axelrod says that Roosevelt’s attorney explained the nature of fear. Which ties into the way Roosevelt explains that fear is an obscurer of truth. He states “It is a stimulating thought- that fear is not so much the sensation accompanying the realization of danger, but a fog, an obscurer of truth, an interference with how we may productively engage reality.” (page 294 online, paragraph 2) meaning fear is something that can be overcome, because all it does is block us from seeing the truth in
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