American Bulldogs Research Paper

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Allthough American bulldogs have short hair, they shed a lot. Their hair will stick to clothes, carpet, ect. Plus they are pretty sturdy and musciler animals. American bulldogs could live up to 10 to 16 years old, if they’re healthy they ould possibly live even longer. American bulldogs are very friendly, active, and have quite a few medical problems. Dispite the misconseption American bulldogs are friendly. People just asume bulldogs are mean, because people think that their pitbulls, and pitbulls are sometimes really bad. American bulldogs are great around children, plus have a great pain tolerence. American bulldogs are very protective and affectionate. It is proven that American bulldogs are considered to be lapdogs. American bulldogs…show more content…
American bulldogs will wear people out, but at least they keep people active, and maybe even healthy. American bulldogs requir plenty of dailey exersize, to provent bordome and encourage them to do something. Plus American bulldogs are good indoor/ outdoor dogs. Since they are good indoor/ outdoor dogs they will most likely be easeir to take care of. While Ameircan bulldogs are active, the also have quite a few medical problems. American bulldogs have some genetic issues. There are nine common health issues with American bulldogs. One of the first genetic issues is Lipofuscinosis. Lipofuscinosis is, a nerveous system dysorder with swelling and changes in some retinal cells. Another disorder is in the kidney, or in the thyroid. ACL tears, hip, and elbow dysplasia, those are some other genetic issues. They can also have and issue called Cherry eye. Cherry eye is a mass that goes above the surface of their eyeylid. Plus they have a condition were their eyelid flip inward. Last but not least they can have bone cancer. It is okay to have genetic issues not all dogs are perfect. Even though the American bulldog has quite a few medical problems, they’re still friendly, and active. Playing and runningg it’s just what they’ll do. It’s okay to be different from other dogs, they might have some issues
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